Rising Damp

New Forest Property Care understands that Damp Proofing your home can preserve the decoration and structure of your home. Rising damp is simply water from the ground entering a structure and is usually prevented and controlled by a physical barrier or damp proof course.

However in some cases damp proof courses can be damaged, become ineffective over time or become bridged. A property that has rising damp can be an unhealthy and unpleasant place to be, which is why we offer simple effective remedial solutions.

Rising Damp
Wood boring beetle


New Forest Property Care offer a range of Woodworm treatments. Common furniture beetles normally referred to as Woodworm, are the most common species of wood boring insects.

Over a period of time the boring of the Woodworm will cause weakening of the wood, and may in some instances cause structural failure. Roof and timbers on the ground floor are areas that provide a suitable habitat for Woodworm.

Wet Rot

At New Forest Property Care, we offer a range of services to treat Wet Rot including removal of the source of dampness and treatments including insecticidal / fungicidal solution.

Wet Rot is the most common decay in damp wood work. Timbers affected by Wet Rot are commonly joist ends and wall plates in contact with damp masonry.

Wet rot
Dry rot

Dry Rot

Dry Rot is a highly invasive funghi that causes irreversible damage to timber. It has the ability to pass through lime, mortar and plasters in its life-cycle.

New Forest Property Care will carry out a detailed survey and offer the most effective remedial solution for the treatments of Dry Rot.

Wall Tie Replacement

Corrosion of the metal Wall Ties stabilising the two layers of cavity wall brickwork can result in opening of horizontal mortar joints, and ‘popping’ of the pointing. When corrosion takes place, metal can expand and cause damage.

Properties in coastal regions are particularly vulnerable to Wall Tie corrosion because of salt penetration to the structure of the building. New Forest Property Care offer a range of solutions for the replacement of corroded Wall Ties.

Wall Tie Failure

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